How To Share Files with Xender for PC App

Xender for PC is popular because it provides what the users need. You will have a hassle-free method to transfer the files. Simply you can install the application on your device and detect the nearby devices to share the files without any certain file limit. Both receiving and sending devices must be connected with the local wifi connection before you transfer the files.

How To Share The Files?

You can share the files after following these simple steps:

  1. You can download the app on your device.
  2. Now choose the profile picture of your app from your screen.
  3. Click on the connect option for PC.
  4. You can go to the official application form here.
  5. Now connect the app with the help of a scanner.
  6. Once the installation is successful, you can click on the option of folder icon and choose the menu bar.
  7. You will choose to upload the files and transfer them from the computer to your phone or other devices in a few seconds.

How does Xender Work?

You have to check the procedure on how to use the PC before transferring the files. You have open the application of xender and now connect the device that you want to share files. Moreover, you can send the files directly from your device and make a group. Also, you can click on the option of join group to check the receiving files from the device.

The application will let you connect with the receiver, and you can easily pair the devices. Now you can choose the files to transfer. Even you will have an option to assign multiple numbers of files at once. Even if you send various audio or video files, they will be sent to the other devices quickly. However, the other device should provide access to share the files over there.

You can choose the files that are under the tabs to send, and you will have one sending button to share the content with other devices in minimal time. The file transference will start once the receiver accepts the command.

Main Features

  • The file transference will be free of cost.
  • You will have the utility of transferring the data between several devices.
  • You can get the fast transferring option.
  • The wireless modes will be depending on the communication.
  • This is a multi-platform that lets you to connect several devices.
  • The installation is simple.
  • You can send the images, audio, and video files easily too.